Third consecutive year of growth above the pre-pandemic scores also outpaced state growth by 3.2 points

(BATON ROUGE, LA) – The 2023 school performance scores (SPS) for University View Academy (UVA) were released by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) last week. UVA’s overall SPS  increased 4.6 points when compared to the score achieved in 2021-22. These results indicate that UVA’s SPS score now exceeds pre-pandemic scores for the third consecutive year. 

In addition to the overall SPS increase, UVA achieved growth in the following areas: ACT scores, cohort graduation rates, strength of diploma, and high school progress index. The overall score increase also outpaced this year’s performance for the state’s public schools and systems by 3.2 points.

When sharing the results with UVA’s Foundation for Louisiana Students Board of Directors at its November 14 meeting, Superintendent Dr. Quentina Timoll attributed the improvement to several factors and initiatives geared toward advancing student achievement and outcomes. Board President Linda Holliday asked Timoll to convey to both students and staff the board’s congratulations on a job well done. She issued a challenge to keep pushing forward with innovative initiatives that will create opportunities that will define academic excellence at UVA.

Deputy Superintendent Lekisha Chambers added, “We are proud of the incremental growth that we have seen in our school performance score. We anticipate seeing greater gains as we continue to enhance our instructional practices through the implementation of the NIET Teaching and Learning Standards. We are well on our way towards our goal of becoming a national model in online learning.”

Under Timoll’s leadership, an emphasis has been placed on academic instruction by attracting and retaining high-quality teachers and school personnel along with the implementation of best practices that are proven to increase student achievement. In the virtual setting, quality instruction has proven to be paramount to performance outcomes growth and progress. 

Timoll shared, “When entering UVA in January, I was intentionally focused on implementing LDOE resources proven to provide students with interventions that would target specific skills aligned with state standards and high-quality curriculum. I knew we had a few months to prioritize teaching and learning which would identify instructional gaps to reinforce student learning. The intentional focus by our academic, accountability/counseling, and student and family services teams proved to have a triumvirate effect by yielding a 4.6-point SPS increase. I am extremely proud of our students, educators, families, and staff.”

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