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Middle School students at University View Academy are directed to become more independent with their studies and begin to take more responsibility for their learning.

At the middle school level, students may rely less on their learning coaches and become more self-directed. The middle school offers state-approved, rigorous core content from Louisiana Guidebooks, Illustrative Math, and Amplify Science. Course outlines are designed to help students see their potential and the many possibilities open to them. Students actively participate in teacher-facilitated online instruction and discussion and have the option to review sessions via our online classroom tool. Students are able to receive individualized instructional assistance as well as collaborate with their peers.

A middle school girl working on her bed.

Middle School Curriculum

Qualifying students also have access to high school courses and begin to earn high school credit under the supervision of their counselors.

Teachers work directly with students and encourage them to start considering the Early College or Jump Start pathways to prepare for successful life-long learning.

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