UVA works collaboratively with students and parents to provide the necessary tools, guidance, and support resources needed for students identified as Gifted and Talented and for those with disabilities.

Certified teachers in the Gifted and Talented programs oversee enhanced enrichment in math and English language arts beginning in the 3rd grade. If a student is identified earlier, teachers will create a specialized individual program.

Specialized programs are offered for students with disabilities to provide a free and appropriate public education, including 504 plans for individualized accommodations.

Child Search

A search for exceptional children is conducted by University View Academy.  Child search is an ongoing attempt to find youngsters who have problems learning or reaching educational goals at the normal rate.  Exceptional students may be those who are experiencing problems such as delays in talking, delays in walking, impaired sight or hearing, emotional disturbance, autism, orthopedic conditions, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and multiple disabilities. 

Identified gifted and talented students are also eligible for special services.

By locating and identifying such students, the school is able to inform parents of services that might be available to them. Such services often make the difference for a child.  University View Academy provides educational services to all exceptional students, grades 1-12.  For additional information, please call the Director of Special Education at 225-421-2982.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

RTI is a school-based, multi-level prevention system to maximize student achievement.

With RTI, University View Academy identifies students at risk for poor learning outcomes, monitors student progress, provides evidence-based interventions and adjusts the intensity and nature of those interventions depending on a student’s responsiveness.

The four essential components of RTI, as outlined by the National Center on Response to Intervention, are:

  • Multi-level prevention system
  • Universal Screening
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Data-Based Decision-Making

University View Academy has developed and implemented a systematic RTI system to ensure that at risk students are provided with opportunities to experience interventions that may address specific academic/behavioral needs thus negating the need for special education.  The implementation of RTI cannot delay a special education evaluation. 

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