(BATON ROUGE, LA)  –  In Governor Jeff Landry’s Education Policy Council summary released in January, one of the recommendations was for all Louisiana parents to have the ability to place their children in a school or educational program that meets their individualized needs. For over a decade, University View Academy (UVA) has provided a school choice opportunity for residents across Louisiana that promotes individual student choice, success, and academic rigor for students.

UVA provides a flexible and innovative learning environment that accommodates the needs of all learners and allows students to learn and excel at their own pace while offering families an education that embraces technology, innovation, and self-empowerment. UVA employs a learning coach model because students prosper when their parents take an active role in education. A learning coach is a parent, guardian, or adult who oversees the day-to-day learning activities of the student in the learning environment, wherever that is — at home, at the parent’s workplace, in the gym, etc.

“UVA provides families with a school choice that can meet their needs. The major benefits of K-12 online learning are the flexibility it provides both parents and students, the opportunity to provide differentiated instruction, and a focus on student engagement that supports self-empowerment,” said Superintendent Dr. Quentina Timoll. “Our goal at UVA is for our students to be future-ready, but for the future that they want. UVA creates environments and learning experiences that follow the dreams of our students.”

UVA is committed to empowering students through innovative education. School-sponsored events are held monthly to provide engagement opportunities for our families to attend across the entire state of Louisiana. Field trips also provide an opportunity for learning coaches to meet, build connections, and gather tips from each other on how to maximize their children’s experience at UVA. These hands-on engagement opportunities are critical to the learning environment provided at UVA.

Enrollment is now open for the 2024-25 school year at UVA. UVA is a tuition-free, public K-12 online charter school where students can excel using a rigorous, state-approved curriculum under the direction of Louisiana-certified teachers. Applications are open to students across Louisiana.

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