The Language of Music at University View Academy

It’s a perfect combination. An online public school using a sophisticated Web-based music program. University View Academy is one of the first charter schools in the U.S. to partner with Live Music Tutor to provide students with the opportunity to grow using a world-class music program.

Both use the internet to deliver quality instruction. University View Academy provides top-notch online curriculum and certified teachers where students are taught in live sessions. Live Music Tutor provides highly qualified instructors in live sessions too. Students log into the music class through the school and click a link that literally brings them face-to-face via video camera with their instructor. Live Music Tutor uses a real-time technology where there is no delay and it’s like being in the same room, even though there are miles of separation. University View Dual Enrollment Vocal Music Teacher Ken Fryer likens it to “…Facetime or Skype where the audio is crystal clear if there’s a good internet connection.”  

Young girl sitting at her desk, watching her laptop, practicing the clarinet.

Multiple students can log into the same class for sectional rehearsals or individual instruction. That’s a huge benefit for University View students since they come from all corners of Louisiana and do school from the comfort of home.  Live Music Tutor can also assist families with instruments.

Currently, there are about 47 University View Middle School students enrolled in the program and the goal is to expand to elementary and high school in the fall of 2019.    

The online environment is a unique platform transforming the way music is taught. Teacher Ken Fryer says it doesn’t affect the students since “Technology is part of their world. It’s no big deal to be in a virtual classroom instead of a face-to-face setting.”  

Hans Christian Andersen wrote, “When words fail, music speaks.”  Music expresses what we can’t say and now it’s a language online at University View Academy.

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