Ms. Jerica Horn, UVA Support Person of the Year

At school systems across the country, non-instructional staff are invaluable additions to the successful operation of schools. In an effort to recognize the importance of support staff, University View Academy (UVA) supervisors nominate support staff members each year for the annual Outstanding School Support Employee Award sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE). LDOE recognizes the vital contributions of support staff who often operate behind the scenes of daily school life. 

The 2023-24 UVA Support Person of the Year is Ms. Jerica Horn. Horn currently serves as an administrative professional for the counseling department. Horn joined UVA in 2019 and previously worked in sales management. “UVA has taught me flexibility and the power of positivity,” Horn said. “It gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my children and not miss those important life moments with family.”

At home, Horn is the dug-out parent for T-ball, and she enjoys party planning and crafting. She approaches her work at UVA with a mindset of service. “Go beyond your job description,” Horn said. “Go into everything with an attitude of ‘I’m going to do my best at this.’”

Horn’s supervisor Chief of Accountability and Counseling Donna Grice initially nominated her for the award due to her positive attitude and reliability. “She never says no,” Grice said. “She always gets it done and gets it done well.”

Congratulations to Ms. Horn for being selected as UVA’s Support Person of the Year. Thank you for exemplifying UVA’s LAST philosophy of finding solutions and helping others. Visit UVA’s social channels to congratulate Ms. Horn on her accomplishment.

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