University View Academy at Tallulah Charter School student Lashayla Jones has a passion for giving back to the community and helping her fellow kids learn. The fourth-grade student did not have time nor patience to wait. So Lashayla started Shu Shu’s Fun Learning Depot – a learning center aimed to promote literacy and fun in learning.

Named after her nickname, Lashayla’s efforts have already met great rewards. Just last year, she was awarded a YSA (Youth Service America) Disney Grant to help support Shu Shu’s Fun Learning Depot in leading a community service project that addresses the issue of promoting literacy and encouraging a love of learning in all children.

“The grant helped us buy resources for the library where I was able to take the depot to a higher level,” said Lashayla. “We now offer a community library to help children learn.”

Helping her along the way is her mother, Roxanne. She helps collaborate with Lashayla on all topics to review and sets up the props & learning materials for the videos, workshops, fun activity days, and more.

“I want Shu Shu’s Fun Learning Depot & Community Library to be a staple in the community and online,” said Roxanne. “I want young children to know that learning is fun and to see someone just like them trying to make a difference.”

Lashayla currently has a learning channel on YouTube, as well as an official landing page on Facebook.

Roxanne basks in joy seeing the impact her daughter’s depot has had on her and fellow kids. “This platform keeps Lashayla learning as well and continues to build her communication and leadership skills,” said the proud mother. “She has been reading since she was three and has over 600 books of her own. We are happy to share her love of reading and learning with others. while showing that you can promote literacy and learning at any age.”

lots of children holding books for a picture in front of shu shu's depot
three children standing on a parade float for shu shu's depot
house sign reading shu shu's fun learning depot
children sitting on outside stairs with their books at shu shu's depot

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