Fifth-grader Adelia Lara of Houma was recognized for her help raising money for the Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter.  The effort was born after the eleven-year-old found a mixed terrier dog and wanted to bring it to the shelter but kept it and cared for it.  Then, Adelia and some neighborhood friends decided to raise money to help the shelter.  The neighborhood group is known as the Green Team.  It is active to better their surroundings and environment.   “We want to help the world, be kind, not litter,” Adelia promoted.  Her mom, Lara, suggested a plant sale to raise money for the shelter since she loves to garden and had many to donate.  Lara and the Green Team placed them in mason jars and pots, and the kids sold them.  Neighbors also donated pots and other items to the cause.  The kids raised 200 dollars for the shelter, which put the money toward the health needs of animals in its care. 

The next project for Adelia and Green Team is cleaning neighborhood storm drains and ditches to reduce street flooding.                    

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