Janey Saik of Port Sulphur is humble and almost shy talking about her academic accomplishments. She began reading at the age of two and was cursive writing at three. She started at University View Academy by skipping to third grade as a six-year-old. Janey is a high school senior and will graduate at 16 with more than 82 college credits. She’ll attend LSU next year with the hope of finishing one year of undergraduate study and then going to the Veterinary School as a college junior. Her goal of becoming a veterinarian was shaped when Janey volunteered at the Louisiana ASPCA shelter in Belle Chase. “Working with the animals really pulled on my heartstrings,” she admitted.

You might call Janey headstrong when it comes to her goals. At eight years old, she wrote a letter to the Plaquemines Parish Council about dedicating money to rebuild the library because she noticed disrepair. She read it at a parish council meeting but required a chair to stand on so she could see over the podium. Her mom, Tiffany, said the gesture and letter moved Councilman Kirk Lepine to tears. She said he spoke directly to Janey and promised the council would rebuild the library. Janey attended the groundbreaking for the project and the ribbon cutting upon completion in March of 2021. Her hobbies include judo, where she holds a purple belt. That’s two belts below the black belt, the highest. She also likes reading, decorating cakes, crochet, and piano.

Janey has a 4.7-grade point average on the five scale, having received one “B” so far in her high school career. It was in a college-level Physics II class. She attends Delgado Community College for her dual enrollment courses and scored 34 out of 36 when she took the ACT. Janey was also in the mix but did not receive a National Merit Scholarship that recognizes the nation’s best high schoolers who take the PSAT. Janey said she was surprised she did that well. “I didn’t put much study time in,” she admitted. Her mom, Tiffany, said she tries to keep Janey grounded. “I’m super proud, but I don’t want Janey to have a big head. But I always tell her not to limit herself,” she clarified.

Even though she made her choice for college, scholarship offers are pouring in. “My inbox is so full it’s horrible,” she said matter of factly.  And Janey cited a practical reason to attend LSU in Baton Rouge. “I don’t want to travel too far since I can’t drive unless there’s an adult there,” she explained.

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