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Lucy Hill

Lucy Hill has been teaching at University View for eight years now, but her impact will be everlasting.

The Special Ed teacher received a Bachelor’s Degree at LSU and a Master’s Degree at ULL. Though she has been at U View since the school’s opening, her teaching resume goes way beyond that.  She has taught a total of 20 years overall with 14 of the years being dedicated to teaching gifted courses.

“My two sons are gifted with learning disabilities and ADHD so I understand how much support families with gifted children need day to day,” said Mrs. Hill. “Gifted students, as any other special education students, need to be seen as individuals and have their individual needs met to really be successful.”

The concept of teaching special education online may seem like a challenge to some, but the Lafayette native says it has many advantages.

“In gifted education, there are almost always a wide range of ages in the same course. So, students who are younger than their classmates don’t feel conspicuous and can participate fully,” she said. “Another advantage is students do not need to wait to be called on before giving an answer, so everyone can answer the same question. If a student is anxious their answer may be incorrect, they can answer in the Q & A Pod and only the teacher can see what they type. This gives the teacher more feedback and prompts each student to take the risk and answer each question.”

Mrs. Hill truly enjoys the challenge of teaching Special Ed and has maintained her passion for providing emotional support, remediation when needed, challenging concepts, creative project-based learning, higher order applications, and opportunities to think beyond ways her students ever dreamed of.

In her free time, she enjoys puzzles and learning as much math as possible. But when she’s not undertaking challenging hobbies, she is writing! Mrs. Hill writes science fiction romance and has already had three novels published with a fourth one forthcoming!

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