Portrait photo of Julia Huihui
Rising Star 

She caught the eye of a talent agency representative while at the mall when she was nine-years-old.  He asked if she’d like to attend a model and talent expo in Dallas.  “I was like, yeah,” she exclaimed.  Julia got 14 callbacks from agents who saw her during the week-long workshop and now has a contract with one of them.  

Julia currently performs with two musical groups, one called Breakthrough Girls and the other 20-ounce Latte.  She says it’s “…all really fun,” but was thoroughly bitten by the performing bug when she attended a theater camp.  Julia is self-motivated and juggles dual enrollment college classes with her love of music and acting.  “I pushed my mom, can we please do this,” she interjected.  Her mom, Concepcion Callaway, joked “I’ve had to hold her back.  She picks up on this pretty fast.  Like a little sponge.”  Mom related a story about how Julia taught herself the alphabet when she was a year-and-a-half-old.  Then, as a two-year-old, tried to sneak onto the bus to follow her older brother to school. 

Concepcion says she likes the flexibility University View Academy offers so Julia can pursue her outside interests.  But more importantly, how online schooling at home took Julia away from a bullying environment when she was in a brick and mortar middle school.  Mom says the atmosphere was eating at Julia emotionally and physically.  “It’s so much better,” she stated.

Currently, Julia is auditioning for acting parts and has two songs and a music video in the works.  She adds balance to her life and school with time management.  “Prioritizing. I know what’s important.  I want to grow in my skills.”     

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