Two University View Academy staff members were center stage as presenters at the Future of Educational Technology in Orlando at the end of January. Assistant Superintendent of Academics Lekisha Chambers and Executive Director of Curriculum and Technology Sara Mungall addressed the topic: The Importance of Building Remote Culture in Education. It was an opportunity tailored for the online school as the two talked about some of the tool’s UVA uses on its teaching platforms, the PBIS program, student clubs, and field trips during non-COVID times to engage students and enhance the UVA culture. 

     The two also addressed the benefit of culture by sharing the growth in UVA’s simulated School Performance Score for the 2020-2021 school year.  University View Academy grew almost nine points while a large majority of other state public schools fell by five in assessment testing.  However, the scores were waived due to the upheaval caused by COVID-19.  But Chambers says the simulated score is an indication of the solid remote cultural foundation UVA has built in pursuit of becoming a national model school. 

     Mungall was also the perfect fit for the presentation since she has strong insight into new technology.  She explores and oversees new technology requests from teachers and imbeds the new technology into the UVA curriculum.            

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