After a trip to Disney World, a drawing of Mickey and Minnie Mouse tipped Hannah Babin’s mom that her daughter had a gift for art. “She has a knack of looking at something and drawing it out,” Denise Babin said of her daughter.  So, by the fourth grade, Hannah was enrolled in Talented Art Class.  Her creations were displayed in the Terrebonne Parish Library in Houma, where she won praise and competition awards. “I always loved drawing,” she confided. “I like to do people and animals.  I draw lots of butterflies, lots of butterflies,” she confessed. 

One of her drawings depicts an alligator wearing a top hat with peacock feathers as an accent.  She drew it to honor her great, great uncle Frank Falgout who found a nest of white alligators in 1987.   Falgout donated them to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.  The rare alligators have blue eyes and are associated with bringing good luck.

The 15-year-old University View Academy 10th-grader is now into sketching after dabbling in watercolors and chaulks. “I’ve also been experimenting with clay,” she added.  Her art is a multi-media approach. “I see it as a hobby now but in the future, maybe as a graphic designer,” Hannah offered. Hannah’s mom said she and her father had encouraged her to learn more and even put her in art lessons outside of the class in school.  

When she’s not creating art, you’ll find Hannah immersed in reading books, riding her bike, and embroidery.  She admits being shy but volunteers on weekends to read bible scriptures to people who request them through her church.  She also writes uplifting letters to others as part of her volunteerism.                                

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