The Family that Raps Together–Santiago Family
Santiago family poses for a picture.

Kristopher Santiago of Metairie says he wanted to be like his dad.  The University View Academy 8th-grader looks up to his father, Kevin, because he turned his life around after some brushes with the law.  Kevin says his transformation happened after combining his religious upbringing with his knack for Rap.  He started writing songs and began performing as a Christian Rapper.

The Santiago sound was born, and Kristopher says he and his siblings wanted to be part of it.  Kevin says, “I told them to pick a beat and write their songs.”  They did.  Kristopher wrote one called “Gave his Life,” where the lyrics give praise.  “I give Jesus all of me, I got the Holy Ghost flowing through my arteries, ’cause he’s been there for the start of me,” one verse reads.   

The Santiagos are in demand at various venues, and travel demands are rigorous.  It played havoc with school schedules.  Mom, Francis, says she was told about University View Academy by a fellow church member.  Her oldest daughter, Gabriella, did some research and became the first to enroll three-years ago and graduates in May.  Francis says she likes the flexibility University View Academy offers, and now, all four of her children attend.  The youngest is Kaitlyn in the 3rd-grade.  Since school is online, it doesn’t matter where the family is as long as there’s a good internet connection.  Kristopher says, “I can do the work.  But in my other school, you had to make up the work.”  Dad Kevin says, “It’s super awesome. I just wanted to find a better way to maneuver.  This school is amazing,”  he exclaimed.      

The Santiagos were in Dallas shooting a music video after a weekend show in Houston when they were interviewed for this article.  They’ve also done performances in California, Utah, and even on a cruise ship to the Bahamas.  Kristofer and his older brother Kevin are also doing duets under the name of Da Young Disciples.  The entire family took part in the music video for the song “Save Souls.”  “We’re just on a journey.  It surprises us.” dad, Kevin, says.  Where it leads, he says, “I have no clue.  We’ll focus on today and not tomorrow and let God take the wheel.”   

Kingdom Muzic Presents Da Young Disciples:

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