Retirement didn’t suit third-grade math teacher Kathy Kendrick after having spent 25 years in the classroom.  “I retired for eight months, and I was kinda bored,” she admitted.  Some fellow teacher friends suggested she apply to University View Academy.  “I got hired, and I love it,” she proclaimed.  That was four years ago.  There was a learning curve with the technology Mrs. Kendrick now uses, but she says she’s gotten the hang of it.  She is back to fulfilling the dream of being a teacher she had since she was a child.  “Teaching is one of the most rewarding career opportunities.  I enjoy being a role model for the students, and I like to be that model to help them become good citizens,”  she said.

Mrs. Kendricks’s first job was at a daycare center, and from then on, she said she wanted to work with children and be an educator.  She said she knows math is one of those subjects some find hard to comprehend.  So, Mrs. Kendrick tailored her teaching philosophy to show how math is used in everyday life and when students will use it.  “I love the interaction with students.  I love to teach them why math is important,” she declared.  She also boasted about UVA’s math curriculum, Eureka Math.  Mrs. Kendrick says it teaches students the understanding of math instead of just memorizing.

 She also boasted about the resiliency of UVA students thrust into the worldwide pandemic due to COVID-19.  UVA is equipped to operate with no interruptions as an online school, and Mrs. Kendrick says she saw no real impact on students.  “They just rolled with it.  We kept going and kept educating our children,” she said.  Mrs. Kendrick noted last year’s hurricanes had more of an impact than COVID-19.  Also, LEAP 2025 standardized testing in English, math, science, and social studies wasn’t impacted by COVID at UVA.  Overall, University View Academy test scores grew by five points when Louisiana fell by five points on average. 

 Mrs. Kendrick said she has even higher expectations for the current school year, saying her personal goal is to improve.  “I’m looking for a good year,” she announced.  Mrs. Kendrick said she also sees a drive to succeed in the students she has talked with.  “I think it’s making a big difference.  The parents are also involved, and we’re just going to keep going,”  she declared.

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