UVA senior Kaitlyn Judice

As we draw closer to the graduation ceremony for the University View Academy (UVA) class of 2024, we continue celebrating the achievements of our seniors. The next senior spotlight features Kaitlyn Judice. 

A resident of Lafayette Parish, Judice has been enrolled at UVA since its inception in 2011. She is part of the first graduating class to attend UVA from kindergarten all the way through senior year. 

“UVA was a great option for me because it allowed me to not be around crowds constantly while also still managing to socialize and make friends,” Judice shared.

Judice has thrived at UVA. She is actively involved in Beta Club and recently led her team to a first place achievement in the technology category at the Louisiana Senior Beta State Convention. Her competition piece was an imaginative video demonstrating the benefits of Beta Club membership through a story told with Minecraft animation. 

Blending art and technology is Judice’s passion. She is enrolled in Talented Art and is also a prominent member of the UVA esports team. Esports at UVA involves the use of competitive gaming to engage students. Judice was one of the first students to join the team when it began. The team quickly grew from eight students to 70, in part due to Judice’s recruiting efforts, and now has over 100 members. She also serves as a “community leader,” a type of club officer that works to facilitate meetings and assist the club sponsor. 

Judice commits hours to esports every day as a community leader, but it is not a chore for her. She hopes to build a career in the world of gaming. “She approached me to become a community leader, but I already knew I wanted her,” shared esports coordinator Adrieanne Moliere. “She takes initiative and designs flyers for club meetings every week. She mediated things before they became disputes, and she took charge in meetings. She was so quiet when she started. I’ve never seen a student break out of their shell like she has.”

Judice has been accepted to the Lafayette, LA, campus of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). AIE is an international school that is one of the world’s first institutions to offer qualifications in the industries of gaming and computer animation. The Lafayette campus is one of only two campuses in the United States. Judice will begin working towards an associate of occupational studies in game art and animation this fall. 

“I have the utmost confidence that she will knock everything she tries out of the park,” Moliere said. “She goes after what she wants and achieves the goals she sets for herself. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes.”

UVA is proud to celebrate Judice’s innovative achievements. We wish her well as she becomes one of the first graduates who has attended UVA for her entire K-12 education. 

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