Ms. Dannica Kenner, Middle School Teacher of the Year

University View Academy (UVA) faculty nominates educators at every school level for the yearly Teacher of the Year award program sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE). UVA is committed to acknowledging, honoring, and spotlighting our 2023-24 Teachers of the Year for their role in exemplifying Louisiana’s education profession and for their commitment to student success.

This year’s Teacher of the Year – Middle School at UVA is Dannica Kenner. Kenner currently serves as a seventh-grade science teacher. Kenner has been teaching for 12 years, and this year is her fifth teaching at UVA. “UVA has challenged me to think outside the box and adapt to an online environment,” Kenner said. “Science especially is difficult to transition to a virtual environment. UVA has helped me to know there’s no one right way to do things and to learn to be flexible and innovative.”

Kenner has various community-focused interests and service that keep her busy outside of UVA. She currently maintains several small neighborhood libraries. Previously, she has volunteered for the Baton Rouge Area Youth Network (BRAYN) which is an organization that seeks to strengthen community programs for local youth. She also operated a tutoring and aftercare center to help families during the COVID-19 lockdown.

When asked why this work is important to her, Kenner responded, “You can change the trajectory of a child’s life. Be mindful of your words and your interactions with kids and their parents.”

Kenner approaches this year’s school theme of #MissionPossible with tireless dedication. Kenner said “Mission Possible for me is when the lightbulb turns on for students. Be persistent and encourage students to be persistent. I have high expectations for myself and for them.”

Congratulations Ms. Kenner for being selected as UVA’s Teacher of the Year – Middle School! You are modeling a community focus that will help build empowered students at UVA. Check out UVA’s social channels to congratulate Ms. Kenner on her accomplishment.

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