Young Authors

Creativity and imagination were put to paper, and University View Academy can boast of three newly published authors.  The works are rich in variety and showcase the limitless talent students can possess.  One book uses the upheaval of Nazi-Occupied France as a backdrop.  There is also poetry and even a fantasy children’s book about battling evil mice. 

Alanna Piper holding her book
Alanna Piper

Alanna Piper is a 7th grader from Baton Rouge who dove deep into her imagination.  She wrote a book where the main character, Maddie, is half-cat and half-human who keeps her tail tucked in her clothes but has trouble hiding her cat-like ears under her long, curly hair.  She and her cat partners, Felicia and Vince, are on a mission to save the earth from the next mice attack.

She says she got her inspiration after surfing the internet and a cat popped up.  She says she wondered how she could make the image unique and posed the question “What about half-cat and half-human?”  “I’m very excited,” she says, “I’m going to be a published author at age 11”.  Her book, “Maddie The Half Cat Girl” is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers August 10 through Kindle Direct Publishing.  Alanna wants to continue writing about Maddie as a book series.      

Amari Hurst holding her book
Amari Hurst

Senior Amari Hurst from Kenner collaborated with students from other schools as she contributed a poem to a book called “I Said What I Said.”  It’s a collection of student works, and the poem is entitled “Unspoken.”  Amari says, “It’s a very raw poem” as a lesson to show students that they have more control over what they say and do.  “A lot of times they get talked over, and it shows kids have a lot of power and words have meaning,” she says.  As far as becoming a published author, Amari says, “I write for my enjoyment a lot.  It’s very outside the box for me.” The book was published through 826 New Orleans Young Writers Council where students can express feelings under the supervision of mentors.      

Elaina Stuntz holding her book
Elaina Stuntz

Eleventh grader Elaina Stuntz of St. Amant used a visit to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans as inspiration for her book “Following the Stars.”  “I liked the French Resistance part of the Museum,” she says and “I always loved history, and World War II is my favorite period.”  Elaina takes readers through the harrowing exploits and life lessons of Josephine, a teenage sniper with the French Resistance.  

It took her about a year to write the book containing 45,000 words after four drafts.  “I thought it was a good book but didn’t realize people would want to read it,” she says, and it was a “big accomplishment” when she got a 5-star review.  The book is self-published on Amazon, and she’s sold 13 so far.  “It’s not that much, but I’m still excited,” she adds.  Elaina says she wants to be a novelist, travel the world and write about history.  “That would be fun,” she exclaimed.  

Expect more big things from these already accomplished students.

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