Portrait photo of Holly Granier
Holly Granier

Middle School Social Studies teacher Holly Granier knew at an early age she wanted to work with children after her parents adopted her younger brother.  Her outlet became teaching.  But it goes way beyond that since she and her husband recently qualified as foster parents. They’re currently taking care of a 5-year-old girl, along with their own three boys.  Holly says it’s a “…wonderful experience. We all have our way of helping others.”   

It’s her second year at UVA and her seventh year of teaching. She contends she has more time for one-on-ones with her students in the online world of UVA, even though she doesn’t see them face-to-face daily.  She says “A lot of my students here feel comfortable and will call or message” and says keeping in contact is critical for the children and “Even at home in the evening hours I pull out the laptop, read and message students.” 

Holly says her first-grade teacher, Ms. Decker, had such a positive impact on her life and that experience led her to teach. You can hear the excitement in her voice as she talks about ancient civilizations with her students. “Explaining the way people lived is fascinating for them and me and how that history has influenced our modern day living”.  She says “Students can make those connections.”  Holly says she devises her lessons with student participation in mind, putting them into groups that have to work together actively.  “I just like teaching,” she says and “feel I was placed here and I really, really enjoy it.”        

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