Julia HuiHui is a 16-year-old junior at University View Academy who’s had a dream come true.  She wanted to do a music video after being bitten by the performing bug when she attended a theater camp.  Her music video is now complete, and she’s invited the world to take a look on YouTube.  It’s called “Way Out,” and she uses her stage name, Jules, as the performer.  “I’m very proud of it.  I’m happy with the outcome, and glad people helped me along the way,” she offered.    

     Julia said it’s the culmination of years of singing, finding the right music producer, and lyricists. Christopher Roberts of Indasoul/OnKey Entertainment is her producer.  He also helped with lyrics along with Julia and a third contributor, Kelly Bergeron.  Julia said she had to “… feel comfortable with her choices as an artist so the finished product would be what she wanted.”

     She also got a boost in promoting the song and video internationally.  It got some airplay on a radio station in Spain since a family friend works there.  A second song will be released by late spring but will not have an accompanying video.  In the meantime, Julia is busying herself in the upcoming community theater production of “Frozen” in June, where she plays a lead as Anna.  

     Julia credits University View Academy’s flexible curriculum for allowing her to pursue her musical and theatrical passions.  She fits her pursuit around taking dual enrollment classes with the hope of graduating high school with an associate’s degree.  After that, Julia says she’ll attend a four-year university with music and theater plus pre-law as her majors.             

     Watch “Way Out” HERE.

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