The 2018-2019 school year is officially underway and we are beyond excited to welcome all of our students back to their virtual classrooms!

Starting the 3rd grade this year is student Dylan Davis! Dylan, 9, has turned to U View to receive his education due to his ADHD and Autism diagnosis. Salena, Dylan’s mother, and Joshua, Dylan’s father, tried the traditional brick and mortar public school approach but due to bullying, lack of understanding from school officials, and Dylan’s struggle, they knew that a change had to happen.

Davis Family in University view t shirts

“After starting with U View, as his learning coach, we began to learn a new way of learning together,” said Salena. “We began to see that Dylan loved math and could talk about math all day, he could work at his own pace for subjects he needs extra help with, without distractions and bullying. He actually looks forward to learning new things and we have become closer, and it’s just made the whole learning experience priceless to our family.”

Now, what once used to be an uneasy and uncertain process as back to school approached, has turned to a time as exciting for Dylan as Christmas Day!

The Davis family did a countdown, ala a Countdown to the Holidays, with the 12 Days ‘til Back To School. They would use the countdown to explain to Dylan how his free time will change, and that he would need to complete his school lessons daily to earn his free time for games, playing, and outings. The Shreveport family also used the time to clear out last year’s supplies and set up his new work area.

“We are looking forward to this new school year,” said Salena. “We think not having to worry about the typical stresses of a brick and mortar setting and flowing into a more tech savvy setting has been priceless and we love being a part of such a wonderful learning environment.”

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