On Monday, August 13, University View officially welcomed students back for the 2018-2019 school year. Shequetta Tousaint and her husband John sent their daughters to their laptops for their first day of school in a great way.

Claire and A'Mari Tousaint's parents

Their daughters Ciara Tousaint started the 8th grade and A’Mari started 10th grade. The Lake Charles residents chose UView because the family felt it was time for a change from the traditional brick and mortar.

Ciara and A'Mari Tousaint posed for a graphic reading education is key.

“After working at the Charter school that our girls attended, we felt that UVA would provide other opportunities for our children,” said Shequetta. “Having the ability to enroll in college courses as early as 9th grade was wonderful.”

To prepare for the new school year, the Tousaint’s took a look at their desk and went through supplies that were purchased last year.

“As with many families, we all get into back to school mode trying to make sure everything is in place for the school year,” said Shequetta. “Once the supplies have been discussed, my husband and I usually talk to the girls about what will be done differently for the upcoming school year.”

Shequetta says they worked diligently to make the children’s workspace more like their own classroom. They purchased everything from colored pens for note taking to an electric pencil sharpener. She also provided her girls with noise canceling headphones to use when they are in live lessons.

Ciara and A'Mari's Workspace

The Tousaint’s want to strive this year to make their daughters schooling at home like a traditional day at school. They believe it will add structure to help both continue to succeed.

With an impressive game plan and constructive workspace, the Tousaint’s are just shining examples of being properly prepared to handle the obligations of being enrolled in an online school and their daughters will undoubtedly have a successful year because of this.

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