A man posing with a display board.
UVA teacher David Njenga poses with a display board at the dual enrollment table.

On Friday, September 8, almost 850 University View Academy (UVA) students poured into the Lamar Dixon Expo Center to attend the last open house of the school year. 

The annual event is held to reach families in South Louisiana and draws students from Baton Rouge to Metairie. Open house offers more than information. It’s an opportunity for students and families to meet both peers and UVA staff members face to face. 

“The moments that made me smile were when I was able to chat briefly in sign based on what students had learned so far in the class,” said Jennifer Pearsall, the high school American sign language teacher. “I also loved when past students sought me out and gave me a hug. They told me they missed me.”

Students aren’t the only ones who enjoy UVA’s supportive staff and individualized approach to learning. “At some point, I lost count of the number of parents who told me how amazing the teachers are as they offer support and instruction,” shared middle school principal Janna Husser. One parent revealed that he only intended to enroll his student for first grade before transitioning back into a brick and mortar setting. Three years later, he is still “blown away” at how much his fourth grader is enjoying and learning at UVA.

Similar scenes played out over the course of the day as families explored UVA’s various class opportunities, the Scholastic Book Fair, and the fun activities teachers and staff had set up at their tables. It was also a chance for students to showcase their creativity. One student came in colonial-era dress, and another brought his own puppet of the lynx mascot.

University View Academy holds several in-person events around the state each semester. Don’t miss out on what’s happening soon near you!

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