Portrait photo of Jasmyn Watson
Jasmyn Watson

Jasmyn Watson became a teacher in a roundabout way even though her mother was a long-time educator who also worked for the Louisiana Department of Education. One day Watson’s mom asked if Jasmyn was interested in tutoring some children.  Watson had just earned degrees in biochemistry and psychology and agreed to take on the challenge. She says after seeing an almost immediate impact the tutoring had on the children, she was hooked. 

Watson went back to college and got her teaching certifications and has been an educator for eleven years. Currently, she is a high school math teacher at University View Academy and has been with the school for almost 5 years. She says the world of online learning is expanding and sees it as the future of education.   

She also says she revels in how University View Academy’s online program is unique. Watson says she has more time to teach and to focus on what she likes to do best. Also, she says she has gotten to know her students and families better in the online environment as opposed to being in a brick and mortar school.

Most of all, Watson says, teaching is very rewarding. She says she knows she’s making an impact and that students will use what they’re learning now, later in life. 

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