Officials from Thibodaux-based eLearning Academy and University View Academy announced a joint program for families who seek an on-site learning center to support the virtual instruction University View Academy offers. 

“This pilot program embraces the eLearning model South Louisiana families are used to but expands our educational offerings,” said Mrs. Nancy Toups, eLearning Academy Administrator.

At an eLearning Center, online instruction is supported with off-line guidance by eLearning staff at hours the family registers for. Normally, the parent would serve as the only “learning coach”, assisting the online teacher with the student in the home.

Parents enrolled through the eLearning Academy program gain personal on-site instruction, extra teacher services, and/or enrichment classes, tutoring, and other services at a physical location directed by education professionals, even though the University View Academy teachers provide instruction completely online. Services at the eLearning Center are offered on a sliding scale, from minimal to private school level cost, depending on the level of offline support.

For more information, read here.

University View and eLearning Partnership Flyer

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