University View Academy celebrated former superintendent, Dr. Michelle Clayton, on her retirement by awarding her a commemorative crystal highlighting her years of service. Presenting the award given by the UVA Board is Linda Holliday, Board Chairperson.

The crystal was given to Dr. Clayton on her last official day with University View Academy, February 15, 2022. She was with the school for four years.

Linda Holliday, the President of the Foundation for Louisiana Students, the board overseeing UVA, gave Dr. Clayton a hug of appreciation as she departed the school.

Dr. Clayton all smiles as she held up the crystal and thanked the board for the presentation and their strong working relationship.

Dr. Clayton joins Board Chairperson Linda Holliday in showing the gift of appreciation.

Dr. Shana King joined Dr. Clayton in a show of support and partnership. Dr. King is now the Interim Superintendent and will serve until the board finds a permanent replacement for Dr. Clayton.

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