(BATON ROUGE, LA)  –  Lekisha Chambers, Deputy Superintendent, and Dr. Claudette Jackson, Director of Literacy and Numeracy at University View Academy (UVA), recently graduated from the Louisiana Superintendents Academy (LSA). LSA seeks to respond to the need for strong leadership in Louisiana school districts by creating a selective and rigorous professional learning experience to increase the pool of qualified candidates and accelerate career advancement for aspiring school district superintendents. 

Their successful achievements are the result of their dedication to honing their educational leadership skills while focusing on providing innovative learning at UVA. UVA Superintendent Dr. Quentina Timoll is a fellow graduate of LSA and explained the importance of the opportunity. “The Louisiana Superintendent’s Academy is a preparatory experience for individuals seeking to lead or currently serving in central office or district leadership roles. It’s a half-year experience with mentor support that connects aspiring leaders to high-performing existing, retired, and potential superintendents in Louisiana. UVA leaders were exposed to educational experts who taught them how to think as a superintendent. I am excited to share this brain trust space with Deputy Superintendent Chambers and Dr. Jackson. With their strategic leadership development, UVA is destined to be the best-in-class online school.”

The Louisiana Superintendents Academy (LSA) selects 40 candidates from across Louisiana to participate in school leadership executive training per year. The course is designed to enhance career advancement for current school leaders and develop their effectiveness to impact student academic performance. Candidates must submit a written application and successfully interview with LSA fellows to be admitted to the cohort each year. The course consists of 12 in-person sessions and professional development virtual sessions. 

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