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Sheryl Moore

Third-grade math teacher, Sheryl Moore, was on the verge of retiring after 30-years in education when University View Academy lured her to the online school world.  She and her husband are empty-nesters, and she says she wasn’t ready to sit at home and admits it was “…time for a change…”  after teaching in brick and mortar schools her entire career.   She’s in her first year at UVA.  

Sheryl admits the technology aspect of the online environment was somewhat of a hurdle and says she was “…a little nervous about that.”  Now it’s like second nature to her and Sheryl says she can “laugh at how easy it is to me now.”  Enabling her to adapt quickly is also the atmosphere at University View Academy.  “I feel like the support of the administration is much stronger at UVA.”  She says she also enjoys the parent support and the sense of community among co-workers.  But her favorite part of teaching in the online environment is the live sessions. “I love that interaction with the kids“,  she says.  It’s “so much fun to me.  I’m just like,  happy.”  

Sheryl also has high praise for the resources available to students at UVA to enrich instruction and their understanding of subject matter.  She touts IXL as an “…excellent tool to help reinforce what we are teaching.”  It’s a program that gives students the supporting back-up they may need.  Teachers assign it, and students can move at their own pace.  It’s geared to the independent and personalized learning approach that’s a trademark of UVA.  
She says her time at University View Academy has rekindled her joy of teaching since she says “It’s not a job for me. I guess you can say it’s a passion. I could definitely do this ten more years.”  

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