Early College High School

For Students Who Want More

Earn a college degree.

Winner of the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools 2017 Innovative Education Award

All it takes: A student with Guts, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity! If you have GRIT, we want you in our program.

What we do:

We welcome any 9th or 10th grader from any parish in Louisiana to qualify for our program. We help any student with GRIT make the choices they need to attain academic success for life-long learning at the college level or in an advanced career track.

How we do it:
  • Strong curriculum
  • Extensive partnership with Louisiana community colleges
  • Personalized guidance in admissions and course completion
  • Individualized counseling for success
  • Test preparation
  • Connections to valuable community resources, including financial aid
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Earn a tuition-free degree transferable to any public Louisiana four-year university!

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Students enrolling in the Early College can graduate with an Associate of General Studies degree from Northwestern State University. All courses articulate to Louisiana public colleges and reduce the student’s time pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Once enrolled in the program, the Early College Counselor will work with individual students to select the most appropriate degree that fits with the student’s intended bachelor’s degree program of study. For information on articulated credits between colleges, please visit the Louisiana Board of Regents website by clicking here

Students enrolled in this program will typically pursue the TOPS University High School Diploma. The purpose of University View Early College is to promote individual student choice, success, and academic rigor.

A typical schedule allows for students to enroll in dual enrollment courses in the following year:

  • 9th: 3 hours of college credit
  • 10th: 3 to 9 hours of college credit
  • 11th: 18 to 24 hours of college credit
  • 12th: 15 to 21 hours of college credit

All students graduate with a minimum of 24 Carnegie Units and 60 college credit hours. Within each year, Early College students are eligible to pursue the Community Service Diploma Endorsement. Students wishing to graduate with the Community Service Diploma Endorsement will have volunteer opportunities built into their high school course schedule to meet the requirements for the endorsement. 

A key requirement for enrolling in the Early College is appropriate placement scores in English and math. Students are required to take the ACT prior to the student’s junior year. University View Academy will work with students to coordinate the testing sessions. 

Students wishing to enroll in Early College must complete the student/parent/school compact each year which outlines annual expectations for the program and publishes important college deadlines. Failure to submit the compact annually jeopardizes the student’s participation in the program.

The Saik family shares their experience with UVA and the benefits of the Early College Program experience.

“We have developed the most comprehensive early college and dual enrollment program in the State of Louisiana, open to any high school student in any parish. It opens each enrolled student to extensive dual enrollment options.”

University View Academy is a proven tuition-free Louisiana K-12 online public school authorized by the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. We are one of the state’s top academically performing completely online charter school which allows students to learn and excel at their own pace while offering families a STEM education that embraces technology, innovation, and self-empowerment. The purpose of the University View Early College High School Program is to promote individual student choice, success, and academic rigor for students who want to get ahead. 

  •     99 percent of UVA’s dual enrollment students pass their End of Course tests
  •     97 percent of these students will earn applicable college credits

Vigorous. Challenging. Promising. University View Academy is your partner in creating your future with success and personal meaning.

Our campus is literally everywhere in Louisiana.

Because University View Academy is an open-admissions statewide online high school, our campus is in every parish. Our base of operations is at the Administrative Campus in Baton Rouge, but our community college partners give our “virtual” reach a real-world setting. Beginning in a student’s junior year or at age 16, the student can elect to enroll full-time at the local community college within the student’s geographical region. Students must attend class regularly. Excessive absences from college campus courses will result in the immediate withdrawal from the program. Students who wish to continue enrolling from home are eligible to do so.

Our extended Early College Program includes the Louisiana business and academic community at large.

Every student receives a laptop, an internet subsidy and enrollment at all college-level courses at no cost. This opportunity is made possible by the State of Louisiana’s Department of Education, with the support of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Students work directly with University View Academy counselors to select a program that meets individual student needs. Beginning in a student’s junior year, course selection can be customized accordingly. Counselors also help place qualifying students in internships.