Applications are now being accepted for the 2023-24 school year.

University View Academy has a limited number of seats available. When University View Academy reaches capacity with the maximum number of seats available, new applications will be placed on a waiting list. As space becomes available, students from the waitlist can be released for enrollment. *Please do not withdraw a student from his/her current school while you complete the application process with University View Academy.

You can begin the application process by clicking any ENROLL button on the website. You can also call (225) 421-2900 or email for application assistance from the enrollment team. In order to enroll in University View Academy, the student must be a resident of Louisiana.

Documents Required for the Application
Birth CertificateLEAP Results (Most recent available)Home Study Approval Letter
Proof of ResidenceAPPLICANTS IN GRADES 9-12Prior Academic History Form (K-8 Students)
Immunization Record / ExemptionLEAP 2025 / ACT Results (Most recent available)High School Home School Credit Form (9-12 Students)
Social Security CardTranscriptIF APPLICABLE
Report CardCustody Orders / Guardianship Paperwork
Notarized Shared Domicile Form
504 Accommodations / IEP

*Do not withdraw students from their present school until you have received confirmation that they are enrolled in University View Academy and have an enrollment start date.

Age Limitations & Entry Requirements

Kindergarten: Students enrolling in kindergarten must be five years old on or before September 30th in the school year for which they are applying.

First Grade: Students entering first grade must be six years old on or before September 30th in the school year for which they are applying. In addition, they must have completed a full-time kindergarten program or tested ready for the first grade through the school placement test.

Prior Public Schooling Limitations: All students in other grades who have previously attended public school, private school, or homeschool are eligible to enroll.

Homeschool Families

If your children are currently homeschooled, please complete a UVA Prior Academic History Form (Grades K-8) or High School Home School Credit Form (Grades 9-12) to record what courses were completed through a homeschool curriculum.

Important Note for Homeschoolers (Participants of a Home Study Program)

Based on regulations from the State of Louisiana Department of Education, University View Academy requires students who were previously (or who are currently being) homeschooled to submit their current approved Home Study Application or letter from the State of Louisiana Department of Education. For more information regarding these regulations, please see the Home Study webpage on the Louisiana Department of Education website.

Lottery Explanation

Louisiana law (R.S. 17:3991) sets forth required enrollment percentages for Economically Disadvantaged (ED) students and Students with Disabilities (SWD) for charter schools statewide. The law also requires that, if more students apply than spaces are available, schools operate a lottery that ensures compliance with the law. If a lottery needs to take effect for the upcoming school year, UVA will first compare the percentage of Economically Disadvantaged and Students with Disabilities to the state’s required percentage. If the percentage is lower, the school will give absolute preference to all ED and/or SWD students in its lottery up until the required percentages for enrollment. If those percentages have been met, applicant names will be chosen at random for grade levels that have openings. These lottery proceedings will be completed in a public forum.

Steps to Apply
  1. Visit on either a desktop computer or mobile device.
  2. Click the ENROLL button at the top right of the website or any page where it appears.
  3. Complete all the required information on the application and review for accuracy.
  4. If possible, upload all required documents with your application for review. Please note if you are unable to upload the documents, an Enrollment Specialist will email you with a request to complete the process.
  5. Click SUBMIT. Once the application has been successfully submitted, an Enrollment Specialist will contact you to complete the application process.