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Each year, students in grades 3-11 enrolled in University View Academy will be administered state required assessments. The testing is based on grade level expectations, which reflect the knowledge and skills students should have acquired through course work. There is no pass or fail grade. Instead, it’s an achievement score.


The state assessments are Kindergarten Readiness, K-3 Literacy Assessment, LEAP (English and Math), LEAP (Science), EOC, WorkKeys, CLEP, AP and ACT. Since students are in attendance from all over the state, they will go to assigned sites and will be tested by certified personnel. University View Academy is a public charter school so students must take part in the appropriate assessments.

Grading Scales: Student transcripts reflect weighted grades if the student took honors or Advanced Placement courses.


Here's a look at the grading scale:


Grade      Numerical

A            93-100

B             85-92

C             75-84

D             67-74

F              0-66