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Teacher of the Month


Natalie Miller

Natalie Miller

We all know Math can be a challenging subject. Well imagine the challenge of teaching it online in your first year of being a virtual school teacher. That’s the task that Business Math teacher Natalie Miller faced, and she’s passed with flying colors on her way to being our May Teacher of the Month!

“With a little creativity, you can find many ways to teach challenging concepts in the virtual classroom,” said the LSU graduate.

Mrs. Miller knows all too well about the struggles that students can have learning Math, because she was once in their shoes. The Baton Rouge resident recollects that growing up, she too struggled with the subject but thanks to one special teacher, she soon leapt into success.

“Once Mrs. Sandow took me under her wing and believed in me, everything began to click,” she said. “After that, I was moved to Honors Math classes and I never looked back!”

Now, Mrs. Miller aims to propel her students into achieving great results in Math the way her teacher did when she was a student. After a year, she is off to a great start.

In her free time, she also enjoys cooking and going to the gym. She also plans to work on obtaining her Masters at Northwestern University this summer. But most of all, she and her husband enjoy being first time parents to their beautiful baby boy!