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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

             Regular Courses            Dual Enrollment/AP

             93-100                                 90-100

B               85-92                                   80-89

C               75-84                                   70-79

D               67-74                                   60-69    

F                0-66                                     0-60

Every student will receive a 13" MacBook Air to use while enrolled in University View Academy. Elementary students will have consumable workbooks, manipulatives for Math courses, and physical education kits. Parent resources are included for all core content to support instruction.
Middle School and High School content is 100% digital and will not be accompanied by printed materials. Early College High School and other advanced courses may have textbooks and other digital resources available as part of their course. Students in Special Education will be provided with materials based on their IEPs.

Here at University View Academy, we have a variety of technology partners but most families will work primarily with our SIS and LMS.

Our Student Information System (SIS) is called JCAMPUS. This is where the majority of student data is housed and managed. 

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is called CANVAS.  All learning content is housed there. This is where students get assignments, work on projects, and take assessments. Learning Coaches can monitor these activities for their students to make sure they are on pace and performing.

We also use Adobe Connect to deliver synchronous learning via Live Sessions. At these events, teachers work directly with students to build, reinforce, model, extend, and/or provide context for learning.

To-do list as seen on BuzzThe "To-do" List is a feature that shows all items that have been assigned to the student through the scheduler. This could be an activity or an assessment, and it could have a due date that is Past Due, Today, or some point in the future.

Facts and Features:
* The number next to To-do represents the total number of assignments scheduled.
* If you type "Past" in the Search box, only "Past Due" assignments will be shown.
* You can also search "Today", "Tomorrow", and/or any day of the week. This will show only the assignments for that specific time period.
* Only items scheduled on the course scheduler appear in the list.
* Special Education Services and other student specific events will not be shown at this time.

Currently, students have one Guardian/Learning Coach attached to their account unless specified otherwise.

To add a Learning Coach that is not a Guardian to your student's account:

Contact Student Services for assistance with completing the Designated Learning Coach form for each enrolled student.

To add an additional Guardian to a student account:

Contact Student Services to add an additional guardian account for each enrolled student.

Every enrolled student receives a Macbook. MacBooks are shipped to an enrolled student’s, non PO Box, mailing address. Since our program is tailored to these devices, students are expected to use the MacBook provided to complete their schoolwork. Non-testing high school students can request an exception.

(Note: We utilize web compliant technologies. In the event of an emergency, the vast majority content learning can take place on any updated web browser.)

MacBooks are shipped daily (M-F) from our support partner. Most students will receive their laptops 5-7 days after enrollment. The main Guardian account will receive an email with tracking information once the MacBook has been shipped.

Newly enrolled students are expected to begin lessons using any available device (computer, tablet, smartphone...) with an updated web browser until they receive their assigned MacBook.

MIS, our MacBook support partner, can be reached via phone at 833-286-9905, 225-286-1600 or by email at  They are standing by Mon-Fri from 9 AM - 6 PM ready to assist. MIS can help with the following issues:

MacBook: setup, home configuration, routine support, damages, or theft (Example: I can't connect to my wireless or how do I change my screen settings?)
Application Installation and Setup: Adobe, Google, Microsoft, and many other general software products

If there's a delay in getting your student’s MacBook call our technology partner, MIS, to confirm shipping at 833-286-9905 or 225-286-1600.

Once you receive the MacBook, it is now time to open the box and have some fun! Remove the MacBook from the packaging, plug in the power adapter to the wall and the device, and then push the power button on the top right of the keyboard. 

You can log in to your computer with the information sent to you through email from Student Services. If you cannot log in, please call our technology partner, MIS, at 833-286-9905.

Every student will receive a 13” MacBook Air.

Internet subsidies are allotted one per family and are issued in 2 equal payments of $75 based on student enrollment. Only the primary guardian is eligible to receive payment. Families must be enrolled on the date indicated below to receive each corresponding subsidy disbursement. Prior or post disbursement date enrollments will not be awarded. UVA does not provide a subsidy for the summer months. Subsidies are credited based on the table below.‚Äč 

To ensure you receive your prepaid gift card via certified mail, please review the mailing address information we have on file using your Genius account. If you need to make corrections, please contact Student Services at 225-421-2900 or no later than January 18h. We will not issue Fall subsidies after January 31st.


Credit Issuing Schedule

Required Enrollment Date for Disbursement

Months Covered

(FALL) Must be actively enrolled on December 6, 2018

August, September, October,November, December

(SPRING) Must be actively enrolled on May 2, 2019

January, February, March, April, May