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Charter School Background

Charter School Background

University View Academy is a Type 2 Charter School authorized by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. That designation means the school is run independently and is free to be more innovative but is held accountable for improved student achievement. University View Academy is operated as a tax-exempt, non-profit school and the 7 member Board of Directors is free to make decisions about staffing, curriculum, student development, finances, operations, and administration. The board operates under the name of Foundation for Louisiana Students to reflect University View Academy’s philosophy that students come first.  The Board President is Linda Holliday, the Vice-President is Trevon Cooper, the Treasurer is Grace Anderson, and the Secretary is Adonica Duggan.  Other board members are Michael Howes, Serg Razafindrakoto, and John Price. Records of meetings are under Board Documents. Charter Schools are held to high academic, financial and organizational standards and face closure if student performance is consistently low.

2017 – 2018 Board Meeting Schedule

2018 – 2019 Board Meeting Schedule 

2019 – 2020 Board Meeting Schedule