UVA Elementary Online School


University View Academy is a perfect fit for parents who want direct, hands-on participation in their child’s education. We provide parents with curriculum and lesson plans that provide easy-to-follow instructional guidance. A dedicated parent or guardian can act as a learning coach, working hand-in-hand with a certified teacher every day to ensure best instructional practices are applied to maximize a child's individual learning style. University View Academy offers parents a choice of fully developed curricula from Calvert Education or Lincoln Learning for students in kindergarten through second grade. Lincoln Learning is the curriculum provider for students in grades three through five. Mathematics for grades one through five is specifically provided from Eureka Math powered through Zearn. These curricula are fully aligned to the Louisiana State Standards.
To learn more about Calvert click here. For a webinar on the Calvert curriculum click here. To learn more about Lincoln click here. For a webinar on the Lincoln curriculum ‚Äčcl
ick here.

The Eureka blended Math model provides students with workbooks to use while completing lessons in Zearn. These materials reinforce content taught during required online teacher instruction. All courses are fully online, giving students technology-based learning that will prepare them for the demands of life after graduation. There is no "teaching to the test"; instead the education focuses on the joy of learning and gives your child the flexibility of mentoring and outside activities you feel are important.

Your child experiences all the social advantages of a traditional public school because you can dedicate more time to extracurricular activities outside of the school day because of the super flexible learning schedules. LEARNING AT UVA CONTINUES EVEN BEYOND THE SCHEDULED SESSIONS